Feeling lucky…

For those of you that don’t know, we have a show coming up with Smile Empty Soul on June 19th.

Yes, THAT Smile Empty Soul.

It’s weird. I remember my sister buying their first album when Bottom Of The Bottle hit it big back in 2003. I saw them on MTV. Saw them on big tours. They were huge.

And now we get to open for them.

I honestly can’t say how lucky I feel. Back in early 2010, when I started writing the songs that would lead to the formation of Noveria, I never would have imagined we’d ever have these kinds of opportunities. It’s been a ton of work, and we’ve been lucky enough to have the support of some great local promoters and bands.

To the other bands, to Cory O’Meara of Strat Gazer and the other local promoters, and of course, to our fans, thank you. All of you. This has been a long road, but we couldn’t have gotten where we are without you guys.

Almost there…

We got the final mixes for the album back yesterday. Everything sounds great. The album is in mastering now. We’re really excited to get it done.

Making progress…

I’m still not sure what a “tumblr.” is exactly. Huh. Well, we wrote a new song today. First album’s not even out yet, and we’re already half way through writing the second one.

Broadening Our Horizons…

Well, I guess Noveria is now on this whole tumblr thing. What is a tumblr anyway? Huh.

Anyway, expect a little more day to day and minutae here than on Facebook.

Welcome, and thanks for checking us out.

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For me, it was visiting Texas when I was about three years old. I remember running around outside and looking for a swimsuit for my cousin, but that’s about it.

- Brandon